So, I was browseing around on, and found this interesting piece of writing: To a Christian from a Wiccan. It caught my interest, and after reading the comments, I decided that I should respond. Here is what I wrote:

"Can't we all just coexist?" Since you asked, I'll answer. Yes, we can coexist. But I, as a Christian, will always be witnessing to you. The basis of Christianity is that God made us with free will. The ability to choose to love Him, or to hate Him. Adam and Eve's original sin was when we chose to hate God. Fortunately God still loved us enough that He died on the cross as a sacrifice so we could reconnect with Him. We simply have to choose to accept that sacrifice. The concept of Hell is eternal separation from God. Which is a very scary thing. I have barely begun to know God, and I would never want to be apart from Him. It would be horrible. And thus, I will always try to be a witness to you about how awesome God is, because I can't stand the thought of you being separated from Him. So, what is a Christian witness? Some are preachers who get up in front of crowds and preach the Bible. Most are like me though, I simply try to live my life as God wants me too, and when I get the opportunity, I tell others how awesome He is. It is impossible to force Christianity on anyone, since it is a persons own choice on whether they serve God or not. Their choice can't be made for them. So, can we coexist? Yes, but I will never approve of Wicca, or any other religion. I also will never persecute anyone over their religion. I will simply treat them the same way I treat everyone else, with as much love as I can. Finally, we can live in the same world, and we can not persecute each other. But that is as far as coexistence goes, I won't roll over and agree with you that my faith is wrong in claiming to be the only true way. Some comments that aren't my main point: As for your comments on the holidays, I feel I should mention that the Catholic Church at the time was simply redeeming the days. By celebrating Christ's birth, or resurrection, or whatever, the holidays were turned from a celebration of evil, into a celebration of good. As for the pagan decorations and traditions that made it into the Christian holidays, I don't really know enough about what they mean to comment. Also, there are quite a few Christians who do not celebrate Halloween, me for instance. To the Christians who seemed to agree that Wicca (or other religion) is just as valid a way to God as Christianity: Please read your Bibles more carefully. Jesus clearly states that He is "the way the truth and the life, no one comes to the Father but by me." John 14:6. Since the way Christians have persecuted people in the past, and unfortunately present, is relevant, I want to say this: Christianity does not teach us to persecute others. It teaches us to love others. Part of loving someone is telling them when they are messing up. Sometimes people use that as an excuse to hurt others. Also, there are many people who deliberately misinterpret the Bible to give themselves reason to do evil. The Crusades were an example of that. Please remember that when thinking about Christianity. If someone who says they are a Christian persecutes you, I apologize. They either are not really a Christian, or they are immature. Either way, I am sorry.

So, how’d I do?