Two Articles on Public versus Home Schools

What do we do with home-schoolers? Pastor Stein sees the Public Schools artifically inflating their graduation rates by having deadbeat parents “say” they will homeschool their kids. His response? Have the Government Regulate homeschooling. Render the Home-Schools unto Caesar? A Critique of Pastor Stein’s State-Worship Joel McDurmon disagrees with Pastor Stein, and is very critical of him. McDurmon’s personal critisism of Stein should be ignored unless you know Pastor Stein personally.

Why the GOP?

A good perspective that rather eloquently explains why the Republican Party has been, and is still the best choice for Christians. I’ve quoted a few of the best paragraphs below. Why Republican: A Christian Examination of History and Conservativism The liberty of the soul, for each man to choose God or to reject Him, is of primary importance to us. By painful historical failure, we have learned that forced conversion and external obedience are worse than useless.

District 4 Congressional Candidates

Quick post to share some links. Project Vote Smart has pages on the three District 4 Congressional Candidates I get to choose from. Especially interesting were the Political Courage Tests: Arther B. Robinson Peter DeFazio Mike Beilstein Check those out before voting, and make sure you check out the rest of their info as well.

Peter DeFazio, Art Robinson, and Concerned Taxpayers of America

I generally pay little attention to local politics. I’ve moved around so much in my life, that I’ve never felt like they mattered to me. Thus, I hadn’t really heard of any of the people in the title, other than DeFazio, before. Then a friend posted a link on Facebook to an article about DeFazio going after CTA (Concerned Taxpayers of America). Apparently CTA paid for some tv ads that smeared DeFazio, and promoted Robinson.

A link that points out some of the double thinking going on

The Curious Logic of Our Governing Elites Thought I’d share this with more than just my Facebook friends. It’s a great article that I wish I’d have written. It pretty much encapsulates why I have a hard time believing anything coming from the left. Or from any of the politicians on either side, so much of what comes out of Washington is double thinking. Anyway, go read it. :D


I’ve heard a bit about this act before. But today I read an article that talked about how the National Right to Life Committee and other Pro-Life groups are opposing it. That caught my interest since I consider abortion to be the worst cancer on our society, ever. It’s far worse than slavery. So I decided to do some research. Here is the summary of the bill from Open Congress.


So, everyone hates taxes, right? Personally, I don’t mind paying the Government what I owe them. As much as I dislike how things may be running right now, the Government still deserves my money for keeping me safe and keeping various things running smoothly. That said, the current tax system needs to be junked. It’s a giant waste of money that only benefits rich people who can pay people to find the loopholes that let them pay fewer taxes.

Democrats! Don't Bypass the Vote!

Update, day after this first posted, the Democrats decided not to be completely stupid. FoxNews story. So, there is still some hope for them. So, I’ve tried to keep my posts relatively free of partisanship. I dislike all the Washington D.C. politicians, bar a few who actually have the guts to stand by their principles (though, Ron Paul and possibly Coburn are the only ones I know of.) Republican or Democrat, doesn’t really matter to me.

Quick thought about abortion

One of the big reasons people choose to have abortion is that the baby is found to be disabled. Autism is one major example. Look at the art on this page. That’s what abortion kills.

A Quick Look at Gun Control

So, a friend on Facebook posted a note about this bill that would create federal gun control. That prompted me to do a quick write up on gun control. Number one, gun control on the federal level is definitely unconstitutional. Amendment 2 - Right to Bear Arms. Ratified 12/15/1791. A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.