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Taxes and Your Fair Share


So, there's a lot of people saying that the rich aren't paying enough taxes. That they aren't paying their fair share. The Left successfully villianized Mitt Romney for being rich. The Occupy movement wants the Government to take the rich's money and give it to them. A friend of mine recently posted a status that sounded like he was mad a rich person was looking to move to a place where he wouldn't be taxed so much. On and on it goes...

Our Tax System is Broken

Right, everyone hates taxes. That's a given. But want to know why people get really mad? It's not because they have to pay the Government so it can do it's work. It's not because people are greedy. No, it's because they can be as careful as possible in reporting their income, and still get a bill telling them that they got it wrong. Case in point. I got a letter today saying I own $300+ dollars in taxes to Oregon. Apparently I reported my scholarship income wrong.

A true "Liberal" speaks out

First, go watch the video and read the interview at this link: In the video, she talks about how Obama lied about wanting a Single Payer Health Care System, as well as how the recession is mainly due to the Left's policies. Oh, and I found her comment about the WHO report to be very interesting, I'll have to look into it myself sometime soon. A quote:

True Causes of the Financial Crisis of 2008

I've heard parts of what is in this article, The True Story of the Financial Crisis, before. But seldom from a source that had the qualifications of Peter J. Wallison. The two takeaways:
  1. Leftist ideology caused the financial meltdown.
  2. The people who were supposed to figure out why the meltdown happened covered up the true reasons because they did not fit their ideology.
So, remember this article as you vote in elections.

To Leftists Everywhere, What Am I Missing?

The Intro

Now, I am mainly aiming this question at fellow Christians who support Leftist politicians and policies, but I left that adjective off the noun in the title because I believe non-Christians could have the answer as well. So, here is the question: What sinful policies and actions do people on the Right support and promote? I'm asking about things that are not debatable. Some could try to argue that the Rights opposition to Obamacare or economically devastating "Green" policies, is sinful, but some could argue the exact opposite just as easily.

If God is so amazing why...

I just came across this thread on Hacker News. One of the comments asked the usual questions about why God doesn't just make everything perfect. Now, for me, the answers are obvious. I've spent lots of time thinking about them, and I grew up hearing the answers in church. The commentor, apparently, has never hear the answers before. Thus I replied to them. And, since they are common questions, I thought I'd crosspost over here.

My opinion on what today's votes will mean

I'll keep it short and sweet, I hope. Today is voting day! And, according to many opinions I have read, the GOP is going to win big. I tend to agree with them, but it doesn't really make me happy. Obama was voted into office because people were tired of Bush and his policies. Obama then took the worst parts of Bush's policies and increased them a thousandfold. Big spending, big government, bad leadership in the wars, etc. Americans are rightfully ticked off by that, and today's votes will reflect that.

Two Articles on Public versus Home Schools

What do we do with home-schoolers? Pastor Stein sees the Public Schools artifically inflating their graduation rates by having deadbeat parents "say" they will homeschool their kids. His response? Have the Government Regulate homeschooling. Render the Home-Schools unto Caesar? A Critique of Pastor Stein’s State-Worship Joel McDurmon disagrees with Pastor Stein, and is very critical of him.

Why the GOP?

A good perspective that rather eloquently explains why the Republican Party has been, and is still the best choice for Christians. I've quoted a few of the best paragraphs below. Why Republican: A Christian Examination of History and Conservativism
The liberty of the soul, for each man to choose God or to reject Him, is of primary importance to us. By painful historical failure, we have learned that forced conversion and external obedience are worse than useless. We will compel only when we must.

Peter DeFazio, Art Robinson, and Concerned Taxpayers of America

I generally pay little attention to local politics. I've moved around so much in my life, that I've never felt like they mattered to me. Thus, I hadn't really heard of any of the people in the title, other than DeFazio, before. Then a friend posted a link on Facebook to an article about DeFazio going after CTA (Concerned Taxpayers of America).