Technical Posts

Quick alpha version of filtering a table

I've found it incredibly useful to be able to just start typing in an input box, and have a long table get pared down to only what I'm looking for. See Drupal's Module Filter for an example. Since I have an app I'm working on that will eventually need similar functionality, I wrote a quick proof of concept. It's rough, and I have no idea how well it will perform on large tables.

Terminator Terminal Emulator is nice!

Right, so a blog post I read the other day mentioned the Terminator Terminal Emulator. It sounded nice, so I thought I’d try it. I’m pretty much converted. Below is a shot of the tab I’m using to watch the various logs. I use that tab to figure out what’s going on in my current Codeigniter project. I keep it on one screen, and my text editor on the other. Much better than opening 6 different Gnome Terminals and having to resize them all until they fit.

Checking a LDAP Password in PHP

One of my current projects requires authenticating against an LDAP directory. I initially assumed that you would get the password from the directory, then compare it with the user supplied password. That's the wrong way. The correct way is simpler. Just try to bind the user to the LDAP directory. If it works, you have the correct password, if it doesn't, the password or username is wrong.  If your directory allows anonymous binds, then you will want to make sure that a password is actually sent with the bind.

How To Migrate Content from a Wordpress Blog to Drupal 7

As you can see, I have migrated my personal blog to this site. It's now here: Personal Blog. I tried a couple methods, I used Feeds and was able to easily import posts, but I couldn't figure out how to get the comments as well. After a bit of searching, I found the Wordpress Migrate module. And it worked quite well. The only thing I don't like is that it requires Drush to be installed on your server.

Enabling LDAP Authentication on Ubuntu 11.10

NOTE: Before you try this, go here. I haven’t tested the answer, but you likely have to compile some stuff to get LDAP auth working bug free. So, don’t use the instructions below they are old and unlikely to work. Just a quick note about enabling LDAP Authentication on Ubuntu 11.10. Just sudo apt-get install libpam-ldap. Fill out the configuration settings with the information you have from your LDAP directory.

Drupal 7.0 is Out!

It's a great day for Drupal Devs everywhere, the latest major version upgrade was finally released this morning! :D 

Upgrades, Learning, and Stuff!

First, Merry Christmas! It's that time of year! Remember that it isn't all about the presents and money, Christmas is a great time to remember that Jesus was born to save us all. That's where the real joy of these Holidays comes from. :D   Anyway, if you visited this site before, you will notice things have changed a lot. Well, all you see is the new theme. I've been busy playing around with different configurations of Drupal 7 beta and now RC.

Drupal Tip: Drupal slow on WAMP

So, I’ve been doing a lot of my Drupal development at work on Windows XP. For some reason Drupal was running extremly slow. After searching off and on for a few days, I finally stumbled across the right key words to find this: Solution: increase realpath_cache_size in php.ini to something larger. I set it to 20M. I might make it bigger, we’ll see. But at least Drupal is usable for now.

Thoughts about Google Maps API

My current project at work is creating a map of campus using Google Maps API. So far the experience has been decent. It’s taken me about two weeks to get most of it working. Could have been less, but there were a few things I had to do to work around the API’s limitations. So, here are a few of the pro’s and con’s I’ve found. Pro’s It’s really easy to draw overlays, and paths, and all kinds of stuff using Google Earth.

Windows hardware changes vs. Ubuntu Linux hardware changes

I just upgraded my graphics card. I had been using an onboard GeForce 8200, but my brother had a Radeon 4350 HD that he wasn't using. So I brought it home with me, and installed it tonight. Here are some impressions between my Vista 32 bit install, and my Ubuntu Lucid Lynx install. Ubuntu:The initial window saying you have changed hardware is pathetic. It just says that it couldn't load the former nvidia driver, then gives you a box with a few options.