End of Term

Submitted by david.reagan on Thu, 12/18/2008 - 18:19

Heh, been a while since I posted. As usual for me.

Anyway, for those of you who read this and aren't my parents, here's what I did for the past few months.

I only took a 8 credits because I wasn't able to get my adviser to clear me for advanced registration, and thus my classes filled up... She was really busy and apparently my email was buried. Go figure. Anyway, I took Discrete Math, Web Developemnet, and Archery.

Math was fun, I actually had a good teacher. I've had five math teachers in college, and only two of them have been really good. Three of them didn't teach very well. The one I took a few terms ago for Calc 3 here at LCC was really smart. He knew his math really really really well. And he expected us to as well. It felt like he expected us to have the same expertise he did in the previous classes. And thus, he went to fast in class, and made the tests way too hard and long. We only had 50 minutes to take 6-10 problem calculus tests... Compared to my previous Calculus teacher, it wasn't fun.

My teacher this term, though, was much better. She taught a decent pace, answered any questions we had, and gave quizes and tests that weren't too easy or too hard. The only complaint I had is that she didn't collect homework. Being the non-self-motivated person I am, I didn't exactly keep up well because of that... Heh. In the end though, I got a B. So I was pretty happy with that.

Web Development was an online class. So it wasn't too hard. I still wonder what she was thinking having us form groups in an online class... Anyway, it was just some PHP and MySQL programming. I ended up procrastinating on some of the labs until finals week. Spent 8 hours one day getting them done. Still got an A though. Hah! Maybe I do work better under pressure.

Archery was just fun. It only lasted 5 weeks because the weather got cold. Depending on how things are going I might take it again Spring term. Should have more time to do more shooting then. That was another A. Since it only lasted 5 weeks, I got to go home nice and early after Math since Math was the only class I had on campus for the last half term. grins

In other news, I never was able to find a job. Of course I could have looked harder. But there wasn't much availbile. All the programming jobs want experience... sigh Though this week I just found a lead on a possible paid internship. Had a phone call interview today. So I am praying that that works out.

I also have started trying to program a game in OpenGL with a friend. It's a bit confusing at times since OpenGL has some new data types that I haven't run into in C++ before.

In entertainment, I finally bought the last dvd's of Fullmetal Alchemist. If you haven't heard of it, it's an animated show that originated in Japan. The technical term for that is Anime. The story is quite good, and I would say anyone over 13 would be able to enjoy it. I really should finish that review I am writing for it... Heh.

I also have a review for The Dark Knight sitting in my drafts here I should finish. And since I just watched Prince Caspian for the second time I should probably read the book and review it... That was an impulse buy...

Guess that is all I feel like writing. Bye.