Rise of the Tomb Raider review

# Rise of the Tomb Raider

ESRB Rating: M (Blood and Gore, Intense Violence, Strong Language)

Release Date: November 10, 2015

Platform: Xbox One

Genre: Action/Adventure

Should you get it? Yes.

## Intro

Second in the 2013 reboot, this game follows Lara's journey as she looks for the artifact her father was looking for when he died.

## The good

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Review: Microsoft Sculpt Keyboard
A few months ago I bought the Microsoft Sculpt keyboard and mouse. This review is about the keyboard only. I picked up the mouse and immediately knew it wasn't something I wanted to use.
I don't know a lot about keyboards, so this is entirely subjective.
To summarize, if you like split keyboards, and like short action on your keypresses, then you will like this keyboard. 
  • It's nice looking. Seriously.
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Eyes Wide Open by Jud Wilhite, with Bill Taaffe

Eyes Wide Open
by Jud Wilhite, with Bill Taaffe
Reviewed by David Reagan 07-28-2009

So I got this book a few months ago to review. I figured I could read it over spring break. Then it didn't get here before school started again, and thus it took me a while to get through it.

In spite of how long it took me to read it, I definitely recommend it. It's actually a rather short book, easily read in a week or two if you're busy. And it has a really good message.

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The Dark Knight

So, a while ago, JC and I went to the dollar fifty to see The Dark Knight. For those of you who don't know, it is the sequel to Batman Begins.

It was an ok movie. Not one I would want to see again though. It was very dark and intense, and the good guys only sort of won...

I also would like to know why there were little kids there... I mean, this was a show with tons of violence, and a guy with half his face burned off. If I was a little bolder, I would've spoken up and asked when the little kid started crying...

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Babylon 5

So I just watched the first episode of Babylon 5 on Hulu. It was a mediocre show, but this clip made the entire episode worth it. The alien is an ambassador, just so you know.

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The Arena

The Arena

by David Reagan 5-26-2005


The arena was hushed in anticipation. The battle in the center seemed to finally be coming to an end. The Man in White had struck the Man in Black a mortal blow. The watchers could not remember the Man in White ever coming so close to killing the Man in Black.

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