Review: Microsoft Sculpt Keyboard

A few months ago I bought the Microsoft Sculpt keyboard and mouse. This review is about the keyboard only. I picked up the mouse and immediately knew it wasn't something I wanted to use.
I don't know a lot about keyboards, so this is entirely subjective.
To summarize, if you like split keyboards, and like short action on your keypresses, then you will like this keyboard. 
  • It's nice looking. Seriously. It just has a cool factor to it.
  • The piece that raises the keyboard posistions it perfectly.
  • The cushioned wrist rest is comfy.
  • The seperate keypad means you can place your mouse closer to the keyboard an avoid having to move your right arm those extra few inches. This has helped me out immensely.
  • The F keys are a bit small. 
  • The Home, End, PgUp, PgDn keys are somewhat awkwardly placed, though it might just be because I'm used to other keyboard layouts.
  • The wireless receiver needs to be closer to the keyboard than I like. I tried putting it on the back of my tower, but the signal was weak and the keyboard didn't perform very well.
Anyway, all in all, I really like this keyboard. I even got my employer to buy me one for work after carting mine from home for a week. 
You can buy it from Amazon in two versions: With the mouse and without the mouse
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