DragonLight, by Donita K. Paul


by Donita K. Paul

Reviewed by David Reagan 7-15-2008

This is the last book in the DragonKeeper series. The series started out with Kale finding out that she had the ability to find dragon eggs, and bond with the dragons once they hatched. She also found that she had the talent to be a wizard. The first four books chronicled her adventures as she learned to trust in Wulder(God), and all the various life lessons you learn when on fantastic quests. This series, unlike many others, actually has Kale grow up age wise. In the first book she is barely a teenager. In this one, she is in her twenties.

The basic storyline is of Kale and her husband of a few years, going on a quest to help their friend, Regidor and his wife, find the lost colony of Meech dragons. Regidor wants to find the colony because his wife is about to have an egg, and they want to leave the egg among their own kind.

Of course in addition to finding the colony, they have to figure out what is going on with a group of people claiming to teach a better way to follow Wulder. And then there is the mysterious swarms of black dragons that seem to have an mean desire to hurt Kale. Plus, Kale's ward Toopka, is acting strange.

So, there is lots of adventure to make the story enjoyable.

The DragonKeeper series does not seem to attempt to be a perfect allegory. Wulder is obviously God, but Paladin, the character most like Jesus, seems more like an Old Testament Judge. I think I'll have to reread the other books to see for sure.

Another thing that makes this series different is that Paul's writing doesn't focus on the action as much as the interaction. It most stories I have read, the focus is on how the characters beat the bad guy. In this story, the focus is on how the characters act while they beat the bad guy. As a result, it becomes very obvious that it is Wulder that has orchestrated the entire adventure. Just like God orchestrates our lives, even in times of trouble.

DragonLight is an excellent end to the series. It brings Kale's story to an good stopping point, and leaves room for new stories. I recommend DragonLight to anyone who has read the rest of the series. I also recommend the entire series to anyone who likes fantastic adventures. Young kids will enjoy them read out loud, older kids will enjoy reading them, and adults can enjoy reading them as well as long as they relax and be childlike for a while.

So, go out and pick up a copy, and then sit down and enjoy a good read.

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