The Veracity of the Bible

Submitted by david.reagan on Mon, 01/12/2009 - 23:02

So, I was just thinking about why I believe that the Bible is God's Word. Initially I believed that the Bible was true on simple belief. That resulted in my salvation. Then I believed in the Bible due to personal revelation from God that it was His word. After a while I ran into people questioning the accuracy of the Bible. So after some research, I saw that it is one of the most historically accurate documents around. Basically something like the Odyssey has fewer accurate surviving documents than the Bible does and historians still consider it accurate. Thus, historically, the Bible is accurate.

It just occurred to me that this somewhat fits the mathematical induction method of proof.

You assume that the first is true, then you prove that the next is true. If the next is true, then it is true for everything. Prove P(N). Assume P(1). Show P(N+1).

So, I assume the Bible is true. The next step would be that I would be saved if I repented. I repented and I know I am saved. Another next step, could be that the Bible is historically true. Therefore the entire Bible is true.

It doesn't totally fit the method. But it is interesting! :D