2024 USA Election Fraud

We need to pray for the election. Specifically we need to pray that God will prevent fraud, that if any fraud happens, it is exposed, and that any allegations of fraud are either proven, or dis-proven.


I, honestly, do not trust our election system. And I've seen a lot of people online expressing similar sentiment.

Much of the Left still believes Trump stole the 2016 election. Even with the investigations that proved he didn't.

Much of the Right believe that Biden stole the 2020 election. And we haven't even had any significant investigations into those allegations.

For either side, what matters is that a LOT of Americans no longer believe that their vote means anything. They believe that one side, or the other, will just use some form of fraud to make it meaningless.

It doesn't help that committing fraud is far to easy.

I work in IT all day, and my hobbies have a lot of computers in them. So when I see how widespread electronic voting is, I shudder. Electronic voting is just a terrible idea. It is far to easy to screw up some code, or maliciously screw up some code, and make someones vote change. All it takes is one person with the right access, and an agenda, to turn our system into a tyranny.

Widespread mail-in voting is another reason. Thanks to Covid, it's a much bigger thing. How, exactly, do regular citizens keep a watch on mail-in voting? (In 2020 I learned that there are people from each party who watch votes get counted to confirm they are counted correct. They're called election watchers.) In some states, you have days of votes coming in and getting counted, so do all the parties have to have their election watchers spend all that time watching? Other states allow counting of votes that come in after the deadline and the watchers have likely gone home. Then, and this one should be near and dear to minorities hearts, there is no way to prevent voters from being forced to vote in ways they don't want to vote. Part of the point of polling booths is to give voters privacy so that they can vote their conscience, and not how their boss or family members want them to.

Ultimately, if you sit down and look at where the USA is at, it gets scary.

And that is why we need to pray.

The real "ultimately" is that God is in control. He put Trump in the presidency. He put Biden in the presidency. Fraud, or no fraud, He chooses. But He also allows free will. The rise of representative governments is an expression of that. Think about it, if He wanted, he could just pick and choose for us. That is what he did in Biblical times. But then Christ died and rose again, freeing us from sin. We now have the ability to choose. And that extends to how we vote. Which means that Satan wants to remove our ability to vote, and one of the ways he does that is by fraud.

So, let's pray against fraud. And keep praying, even after the election. That is the real way to keep our freedom.

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