The Value Of Being Quiet

I haven't posted much in the opinion section of this site for quite a few years now. If you look at my posts, you can see I've had opinions about many topics and haven't been afraid to share them. So what changed?

Well, several things, but all of them combined are in the process of bringing me to a place where I value being quiet more than I value speaking out.

See, today, we have such an easy time making our voices heard. Just post on social media. If you follow the right trends, you can get yourself heard and shared by many many many people. The end result, well, man life has sure become noisy.

But, is that a good thing?

I think, maybe, not.

I think, maybe, what I'd rather do is seek to be friends with people. Instead of speaking out about things, seek connections with people. I mean, if you want to make a difference, will a Twitter post do more than going to someones house and listening to them?

Thus, while I still believe there is a place for posting opinions, I think taking time to be quiet (and think) before posting is more important than actually posting.

To my fellow Christians, make it a practice to pray before you post, or retweet, or re-share, that article on social media. Ask God if you should, and then be quiet so He can speak to you.

In the spirit of making friends, if you're like me and really need some friends, feel free to email me. If you live near Eugene, OR, USA, I'd be happy to go get coffee or lunch with you.

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