New Blog!

Submitted by david.reagan on Tue, 04/10/2007 - 09:24

Hey all! As you can see, I finally updated my blog. After months and months. I switched to Wordpress and am using the default theme right now since I don't feel like editing it to look like the design I have. Someday I will, but I figured Mom would rather I actually have something up that is updated. :D

As for my life, it is going well. School isn't too hard. Winter term was nice and easy. Got A's on the classes I went to and a B on the class I got credit by exam for. This term I am taking 16 credits. C++, Game Development, Calc 3, and Tech Report Writing.

I also have started to work with the media team at the church I am going to. Which is a larger church than I am used to and things are a lot more complicated.

Not much else to say right now.