WORLD Hope Winners - 2018

Every year WORLD Magazine awards several ministries their Hope Award. The overall winner gets $15K, each regional winner gets $2K. But, more importantly, each story demonstrates the amazing work God can do. Seriously, each of the stories hits right in the heart.

WORLD does have a paywall, but you can view several stories for free. And these are definitely worth the time.


Lakota Lessons

Lakota lessons

Christian school brings the gospel—and respect for Lakota culture—to Cheyenne River Indian Reservation.



A Man Has to Have a Purpose

‘A man has to have a purpose’

A South Carolina prison ministry finds success following inmates from the cellblock to the workbench



A Bias for Action

‘A bias for action’

Starting with four men mentoring four teenagers, Jericho Partnership now energizes a slew of local ministries.



'They're Like Birds'

‘They’re like birds’

Colorado group helps Burmese refugees who often arrive with nothing and "just need a little help, and they fly on their own".


Go and Do Likewise is an article about this years program. Do check it out, it links to several more resources, as well as a list of past winners.

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