Amazon Drive Unlimited plan is going away

Today I found out that Amazon's unlimited cloud drive storage plan for Prime members is going away. I found out via Hacker News, judging from the comments there, a lot of people were abusing the heck out of the plan. Unfortunately, Amazon has chosen to implement pricyer plans than they really should. I have a relatively small amount of data to back up, but it will still cost me about 3 times as much as it did before. Say goodbye to a budget...

Anyway, I sent an email to their support on the subject. I doubt it will help much, but who knows? I'd encourage anyone else who has been effected by this to send something similar. Remember to be respectful.

Today I read that you are discontinuing the Unlimited Storage plan for Prime members. Needless to say, I am not happy about this. I can understand discontinuing it due to people abusing it, but it still feels like I'm a victim of bait and switch. I spent weeks getting my backups uploaded to ACD, heck, I'm still in the middle of doing so, and now I have to pay another $120/year on top of the $100/year prime subscription and previous $60/year Unlimited plan. My other option is to try and find another service to give my money to, and spend another few weeks trying to get my data uploaded. (Comcast's slow upload speeds and data limit make backups very hard.)

May I suggest you switch to increments of 5TB instead of 1TB for your plans? $120/year for 10TB is something I could justify. As is $60/year for 5TB.

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