Health Care Reform Bill

Submitted by david.reagan on Sat, 07/18/2009 - 15:44

So, I just emailed my congressmen and the President about HR3200. It was easy to do from They have a nice form that makes it easy. You just enter your zip code to find your congressmen, and then your address, and then fill out an email form. Here's what I wrote:

I am writing to ask you to oppose H.R.3200. The health care system has problems, but this bill is not the answer. The projected cost has the potential to do serious harm to our economy. That, combined with the massive bureaucracy required to implement the bill, and other problems problems, tells me that it will not be effective. Also, this bill would mandate that I have an insurance plan. Why should I be forced to spend money that I don't have on insurance? If I choose not to have insurance, it just means that I have to pay all the bills myself. That is my choice, part of the Liberty I have as an American citizen. I also have been wondering why everyone is so focused on the insurance companies. Are not the high costs of health care the result of expensive schooling, tools, and frivolous lawsuits? There should be a way to lower health costs so much that insurance is only needed for extreme emergencies, and not needed for everyday doctor's visits. The Republicans recently announced an alternative plan. This plan should be examined before any vote is made. If it can help the health care system without the drastic costs of H.R.3200, then it should be used instead. I also cannot support a bill that is being rushed to vote. Why does Congress have to vote on it so soon? The stimulus bill was rushed so much that there was no way everyone had time to read the final version, and that bill has not been very effective so far. So, if there are questions about the health care reform bill's effectiveness that are delaying it, then those questions should be answered before it is voted on. The health care system is not in bad enough shape that it could not be left alone for a few more months. In conclusion, please vote no on H.R. 3200. Especially if it comes up to vote before everyone has been able to read it.

There are a few things I could have said in addition to that, but I am hoping that not saying them will help the congressmen take me more seriously, but that doesn't mean I can't say them to you readers. :D This bill is a total disaster. It will cost more than $1.5 trillion over the next 10 years. The only way congress can pay for it is by upping taxes. Our economy is already in bad shape, and increased taxes will make it worse. Historically, the way economies have recovered is by cutting taxes, and yet this government wants to increase them... It also is doubtful that the bill will actually help. It creates a giant government bureaucracy to oversee and control the insurance industry. Government bureaucracies do not help save money or make things work better. They create red tape so that they can stay in existence. Anyway, this bill is not about fixing health care. It's about giving the Government more control. The liberals know this, and that is why they are pushing so hard to get it passed. They don't want to give us time to realize how bad it is and stop it. So, please write your congressmen like I did. Oh, and the bill also could be used to fund abortions. If you don't want your money paying for murder, tell them not to pass it.