Why the GOP?

A good perspective that rather eloquently explains why the Republican Party has been, and is still the best choice for Christians. I've quoted a few of the best paragraphs below. Why Republican: A Christian Examination of History and Conservativism

The liberty of the soul, for each man to choose God or to reject Him, is of primary importance to us. By painful historical failure, we have learned that forced conversion and external obedience are worse than useless. We will compel only when we must.
It is the Republican Party that best represents those values. The Republican Party recognizes that the government cannot replace the family or the church. At its best, the Party refuses to use law to do what parents and bishops ought to do.
Of course, the Republican Party also knows that if life, choice, and property are not safe, then freedom of conscience is a charade.
As a result, the Republican Party, alone of the two great parties, works to protect the unborn. The Republican Party refuses to put into law the covetousness of most of us that would take what is not our own. The Republican Party best represents those who do not wish to enslave our children to our own choices through running up massive debt.
In this critical moment of our history, it is the Republican Party that supports the bedrock of culture, the family, against unwise innovation.
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