Another Little Project - FLAC TO MP3

A few days ago my phone ran out of space. 

Looking into it, well, part of the problem is that I rip my cd's to FLAC. Then sync those files over to my phone. 

So, rather than manually use an audio conversion program every time I want to convert my FLAC files to mp3, I decided to just script it using bash and ffmpeg.

The end result is FLAC TO MP3.

Now, all I need to do, is run a single command in my terminal and wait a bit.

bash --source /path/to/source/root --target /path/to/target/root 

If I want to get fancy, I can set the bitrate, or force it to clean up songs I don't want anymore.

bash --bitrate 192k --clean-target --source /path/to/source/root --target /path/to/target/root 

And so on.

If you're wondering, I use Syncthing to sync my music to my phone. Syncthing is an awesome little tool. Seriously worth a look for all your file syncing needs.

I suppose that I might end up getting fancy later on and set up some kind of file watch on my source folder. Then, when a file is added or removed, automatically run FLAC TO MP3. We'll see. 

And that's about it. 

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