Democrats! Don't Bypass the Vote!

Submitted by david.reagan on Fri, 03/19/2010 - 20:20
Update, day after this first posted, the Democrats decided not to be completely stupid. FoxNews story. So, there is still some hope for them.

So, I've tried to keep my posts relatively free of partisanship. I dislike all the Washington D.C. politicians, bar a few who actually have the guts to stand by their principles (though, Ron Paul and possibly Coburn  are the only ones I know of.) Republican or Democrat, doesn't really matter to me. What matters is what they do. And neither side has a very good track record as far as I can see. That said, right now, I would love to see the Democratic party die. Or at least see all the Democrats in Washington, (I optimistically believe that there are some Democrat politicians somewhere that actually have good ideas,) get kicked out, preferably of the country. Let me explain.

Our country was founded on the idea of divided powers. Basically, Congress, the President, and the Judaical Branch would balance each other out. Congress was designed to represent the will of the people via votes. In other words, each Congressman is supposed to vote the way his constituents would want him to. This is extremely important to the USA. The Revolution was partially started because the Colonies had to Congressmen in England's government.

Now, look at the recent political maneuvers in Washington. President Obama has essentially ordered the Democrat party to pass their Health Reform bill no matter what. He has been aided by Pelosi and Reid. Now, they were able to get two different versions passed in both the Senate and the House. The normal procedure is to merge the two bills and vote on the merged bill. Then, if it passes, the President signs it.

Because of the differences between the House bill and the Senate bill, not to mention the public outcry against it, they can't get enough votes in the House to pass the bill. Normally that would mean the bill would either die or go back to committee. But not with this Democratic Party's leadership. Instead, they have come up with a way to twist the rules of Congress around so that the House doesn't have to vote. Let me repeat, the House will not have to vote. Again, no vote.

Remember, the American Colonies rebelled partially because they had no vote. Dictators stay in power because their people can't vote them out. The ability to vote is central to Freedom. Our Soldiers bleed and die so that you and I can vote. Heck they bleed and die so that citizens of other countries can vote. And yet this President and the other Democratic leaders are going to deny the American people their vote?!

This bears repeating, the leaders of the Democratic party are devising a method that allows them to circumvent having to vote on this bill. A bill that is so unpopular, that they can't even twist enough of their own party members arms enough to get enough votes for it. So, instead of representing the will of the American people, they just bypass it.

This is totally and completely wrong! The Constitution is very clear on how bills become law. This bypass of the vote breaks the Constitution.

If this goes through, there are two possible end results. Number one is that the Republicans succeed in taking back the government from the Democrats to repeal Obamacare, and/or the Supreme Court rules it unconstitutional. Number two, is that Obamacare is accepted as law. That would mean that the Constitution is no longer the basis of the Government.

Let me repeat, again, if this bypass of the vote works and Obamacare becomes law, the Constitution will become meaningless. It already is pretty much only given lip service, but this would destroy it. The United States of America would no longer be the United States of America. We would no longer have a Government that represents the will of the people. It would simply be a bunch of people playing power games with our lives.

I have to mention that if this was how we were eliminating the evil of abortion, I would still oppose it. After all, if the Government is no longer legitimate, how can they stop abortion?

This is what the Democratic leadership wants to do. Is it any wonder I dislike them, and would like to see them leave the country? To be blunt, the average Joe Democrat should agree with me. We may disagree on many things, but they deserve just as much of a vote as I do. They should not let their votes be taken away by their own leaders.

In conclusion, if you do, or do not, support Obamacare, oppose this method of getting it passed. It would either mean that Obamacare would not stand as law for long, or the end of the USA as we know it.