Photos By Tag

  • Vista of Sky, Mountains, and Lava Fields

    A vista of a blue sky, whispy clouds, lava fields, and two Sisters of the Three Sisters Mountains.
  • A Sister's Snowy Side

    The snowy side of the North Sister in the Cascade Mountains.
  • Mt. Washington's Peak

    The peak of Mt. Washington, Oregon, on an early Summer day.
  • Northward Peaks

    The North Sister's craggy peaks stand out agains a blue sky.
  • Mt. Washington

    Another view of Mt. Washington.
  • Old Trees Frame

    Old, weathered white, trees frame Mt. Washington.
  • Washington and Jefferson

    Mt. Washington on the left, and Mt. Jefferson on the right, as seen from near Dee Wright Observatory at the top of McKenzie Pass, Oregon.
  • North and Middle

    The North and Middle Sisters of the Three Sisters in the Cascades Mountain Range.
  • Mt. Washington Stands

    Mt. Washington stands tall between the few trees hardy enough to live in a field of lava.
  • Lava Fields before the Mountain

    Lava fields lead up to Mt. Washingtion.
  • Sky, Lava, and Tree Frame

    The North and Middle Sisters mountains framed by the sky, lava, and trees.
  • Another Vista

    Another vist of the North and Middle Sisters.
  • Belknap Crater and Mt. Washington

    Here you can see Belknap Crater, as well as Little Belknap Crater, and Mt. Washington.
  • Washington Through The Hole

    A shot of Mt. Washington taken through the safety chain at Dee Write Observatory.
  • North and Middle

    Another view of the North and Middle Sisters mountains.
  • Early Summer Mt. Jefferson

    A shot of Mr. Jefferson, Oregon taken in the early summer.