To Leftists Everywhere, What Am I Missing?

The Intro

Now, I am mainly aiming this question at fellow Christians who support Leftist politicians and policies, but I left that adjective off the noun in the title because I believe non-Christians could have the answer as well. So, here is the question: What sinful policies and actions do people on the Right support and promote? I'm asking about things that are not debatable. Some could try to argue that the Rights opposition to Obamacare or economically devastating "Green" policies, is sinful, but some could argue the exact opposite just as easily. Here's some examples from the Left of the kind of sins I'm thinking of:


Abortion is one of the most in your face, obvious, sins around. Anyone who has a basic understanding of what life is knows that it is murder. Yes, there are people out there who say otherwise, but they are either incredibly stupid, deceiving themselves, being deceived, or willingly complicit in murder. And Abortion could be considered the single most important policy for Leftist politicians to support and spread. For example: One of Obama's first actions as President was to get rid of the Mexico City policy that kept Federal funds from funding foreign organizations that promote abortion. The Democrats risked shutting down the Government over defunding Planned Parenthood.

Promotion of the Homosexual Lifestyle

I could, and probably eventually should, write a whole article on this subject. But for now, God specifically condemns homosexual sex, even though it is covered by the prohibition against sex outside of marriage. Which means that there is not other option but to call the homosexual lifestyle sinful. The Left supports this sin with fervor. Just look at the news of Catholic adoption agencies having to shut down because the Government is forcing them to support this sin by helping homosexual couples adopt. To be fair, I have seen some on the Right support this as well. Fortunately, they are few in number.

The Sexualization of Everything

This one is hard to describe, but as far as I can tell, the promotion of sexualizing everything largely comes from the Left. They teach our kids that sex outside of marriage is good as long as you protect yourself. They promote women and little girls dressing like prostitutes. They make movies that encourage extra-marital affairs. If a school tries to teach that abstinence is the best protection, they scream bloody murder and block it in the courts. I believe that no-fault divorce came from Leftist politicians. They call pictures and videos of people having sex free speech. Now, I am sure some support of this sin has come from politicians who are otherwise Rightist, but I seldom see Leftist politicians oppose it. But I have Rightist politicians generally oppose it, or at least pay lip service to opposing it.

The Outro

So, as you can see, I generally lean toward the right side of things, and I haven't been able to think of any sins that the Right generally supports and promotes. That said, I figure I might be missing something. Perhaps my bias has blinded me to something painfully obvious. I know it is really hard to get past bias to see the other side. For the past few years I've been trying to wrap my head around why Leftists believe some of the things they do. I've not been very successful. So, Leftist, please, enlighten me.

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