A true "Liberal" speaks out

First, go watch the video and read the interview at this link: http://www.black-and-right.com/2011/07/08/the-regretful-obama-voter-speaks/

In the video, she talks about how Obama lied about wanting a Single Payer Health Care System, as well as how the recession is mainly due to the <a href="/node/91">Left's policies</a>. Oh, and I found her comment about the WHO report to be very interesting, I'll have to look into it myself sometime soon.

A quote:
<blockquote>BOB: As a nurse, I’d really like to get into specifics of the health care bill and unions, but let me end with this: how have you been treated by your liberal friends now that you’ve achieved traitor status?

JODI: Liberals in general tend to use emotional weaponry as their tool, and that is exactly what I receive. When I try to present rational facts, I do not receive facts in return. I receive emotional verbal assaults designed to make me feel unkind and inhumane.

I have learned, the hard way, not to argue with most of them because they are not interested in facts/realities, they are only interested in pushing emotional buttons because they believe that is what wins the argument. I have to say, however, that I do have some people who are similar to the way I was, a liberal but not averse to facts/realities and they are truly waking up, like I did. As I have found facts and I push those facts onto them, they struggle to dispute them and are also transitioning a bit.

The liberals who think facts do not matter, I have learned, are not people I can have a rational dialogue with so I no longer try. They think I am a mean and unkind person, and that has to be okay with me. To each his own. </blockquote>

Exactly. I've seen this happen many many times. The instant a Leftist starts losing the debate based on facts, which doesn't take long, they bring out emotional rhetoric.

About the only thing she gets wrong is her assertion that my opposition to abortion and any kind of marriage other than one man one woman, is not based on facts. On both issues I base my beliefs on scientific research for non-Christians, and what the Bible says for Christians.

So, to my Conservative friends who like to debate with the Left, send that link to them next time. To my friends who are Leftist, take some time and think about this. Is "Leftistism/Liberalism" really what you believe? Or do you believe in true Freedom and Equality?

P.S. The title of this post is in reference to the fact that the Left has stolen the word "Liberal". Being Liberal implies being for freedom, which today's "Liberals" most definitely are not for. Thus, Jodi is a true "Liberal" because she is for freedom.

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